I found this site by looking for information about Helen Keller which led me to their section Becoming Helen Keller. This section talks about an in-progress documentary film about Helen Keller for PBS. You can watch a clip of it on the site.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll be on the main page (you can find the Hellen Keller section featured there) where you’ll see sections for the Library Collection, Education Programs, and Museum Exhibits.

In the Library Collection, you’ll find letters,  memoirs, Sunday School chapbooks, postcards, photos, annual reports, cartoons, and more! The Exhibit is under construction, but there’s a glimpse of what’s coming on the main page. In Education Programs, you’ll find materials for educators to use in History coursework.

This is an amazing way to look at the past through a different lens. Go check it out for yourself today!