Welcome to Pinup! This site allows you create your very own sticky note board and work collaboratively with friends and colleagues.

I recommend starting by watching the video on the pop-up that greets you on the page.  It explains how the site works, and what you can do with it! For example, you can add documents to your sticky notes which makes for easy sharing.

After you watch the video if the site looks like something you’d like to try out you can register for the site with your Facebook account, Google account, or with an email address and password. A benefit to registering is a guided tour. If you want to try it without registering, just click anywhere on the page and the pop-up will go away.

You’ll find navigation at the top of the page. There you can find options to add a new canvas, delete a canvas, arrange a canvas, push your pins down, and add people to your canvas to collaborate with.

I think this is a cool way to collaborate with coworkers and friends. Go check it out for yourself today!