Today, we’re going to go over some basic on how to use a search engine. Search engines are programs that help you find things on the Internet. Popular search engines include Google, Bing, & Yahoo.

To begin our searching, let’s start by going to

To start our search, we’ll type something into the search box.

Let’s start by typing comes up as a result.  Now, you aren’t on the Worldstart page yet. These are just the results.  Click on the top result to go to Worldstart’s website. Plus you also have options for My account and Today’s Deals.  Clicking on these will take you to those parts of the site.

You could also search for a general category. Here I’ll search for “recipes.” You’ll see there are results for websites that have recipes.

If you want a specific type of recipe, be more specific. Here, I’ll search for “chicken parmesan recipes.” My first result has a preview of a recipe for the dish.

Scroll down and you’ll see frequently asked questions and links to recipes from popular sites.

Now let’s look up a person. Here, I’ll search for Ryan Seacrest.  As you can see, there are quite a lot of results – nearly one million.

You can narrow the results by choosing News (recent stories).

Or by Images or Videos.

If you want to check out a place, you can also try hitting the Maps tab.

You’ll not only get a map of the area, but a pane with helpful information. You can get directions to the area and even send those directions to your phone.

Tomorrow, I’ll look at more ways to use a search engine.

~ Cynthia