Microsoft is rolling out a new version of Windows called Windows 10 S.  Despite the name, 10 S is not just another version of Windows, it’s an entirely different operating system. In fact, it has a lot in common with  Windows RT.

10 S is dependent on using the Windows store, much in the same way that Android users depend on Google Play and iPhone users need the Apple App Store.


Just as with Windows RT, you won’t be able to use desktop programs. And you are locked into using the Edge browser. You can’t download Firefox or Chrome. And it looks like 10 S doesn’t come with Internet Explorer. The only way to get progams is to download them from the Windows store.

Users will also be locked into using the Bing search engine. On the bright side, it should be a safer operating system as it will be impossible to accidentally install many types of malware.

That doesn’t mean that many popular desktop programs might not eventually be available in the Windows store, but for now, the pickings are pretty slim compared to the variety of desktop programs you can buy for Windows 10 Home and Pro.

It’s an interesting choice for Microsoft, since the selling point of Windows has always been that it’s much more customizable to user needs than an operating system like Android or iOS.


You’ll notice a lot of similarities to a Chromebook with Windows 10 S.  In fact, Microsoft says its major target with Windows 10 S is the education market and it should lead to more inexpensive, though somewhat limited, laptops.

The only laptop we’ve seen designed to work with 10 S, Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop, is pretty pricey. It starts at $999.

Does Windows 10 S sound interesting to you?  Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia