Today’s site offers you both a glimpse at what 18th century Paris would have looked and sounded like.

When you arrive, you can press play on the video to dive right in, or you can scroll past the video and read about the project Myléne Pardoen put together to recreate the sounds of Paris.

The visuals are based on the 1739 map commissioned by the mayor of Paris to depict a birds-eye view of the city because it provides clear visuals of the different sections of the city.

The soundscape is a sonic reconstruction of Paris’ Grand Châtelet district in 1739. I found it amazing the amount of research the team did to recreate these sounds, and that they were able to do so without using a computer to generate them for the most part (the pump in Notre Dame was computer generated based on the sounds of a real pump).

This is a cool look into the past through sound. Go check it out for yourself today!