PlutoTV – Plenty Of Programming For Cord Cutters

PlutoTV is a neat option for cord cutters or those who just want more cool stuff to watch on TV. You can watch online at or download the free app for Windows, Android, or Apple devices. It also works with Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Tv, Chromecast, Google Nexus Player, and Android TV and some smart TVs.


If you download the app to a smartphone, you may be able to use it as a remote to control Pluto TV when you’re watching it on your streaming device.

Pluto TV offers nearly 150 live channels of programming including news, comedy, music, and sports.

Under the news category you’ll find NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC< NewsmaxTV, Bloomberg, Sky News, and more.



Under comedy, there are channels devoted to RiffTrax, MST3k, The Onion, and Standup. Plus Minecraft TV, Anime, NASA TV, Food TV, and channels for kids. Plus there are several classic movie channels. There’s even a Weird Al Yankovic channel!

The programming isn’t available on-demand. You’ll watch what’s being offered at the time.

Once you download or log onto PlutoTV, you can choose what channels you want to watch from a schedule grid. Just scroll down and tap on a channel to watch.


Once you pick a program, you can go full-screen and get rid of the grid.


You can favorite the channels you watch most, so they appear at the top of the grid. Unlike a traditional cable or satellite grid, you can turn off channels you don’t want to see in the lineup by tapping the eye icon.  Your grid can just be made up of channels you know you want to watch. So, no wasting time scrolling through sports and gaming channels if that’s no your thing.

There are also several digital music channels to listen to. PlutoTV is well worth checking out.

~ Cynthia


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