The Facebook Parents Portal is a great way for parents to learn more about how to keep kids safe on social media.

When you arrive on the site, there’s an introductory video that explains the tools available at the site.  If you aren’t a social media user yourself, you’ll want to check out the Get to Know Facebook section. It explains the basics of setting up an account and how to do things like post and share.


There’s a Parenting Tips section that offers advice on how to discuss online safety with kids. For example, what information to share and who to share it with.

To the left of the page, you’ll also find the Bullying Prevention Hub.


The hub was developed in partnership with Yale University.  It offers information aimed at teens, parents, and educators. There’s a free downloadable PDF designed just for teens that explains more about bullying and offers advice on what teens can do if they’re being bullied, if a friend is bullied, or even if they might be turning into bullies themselves.

The PDF is also available for parents and teachers.  The Educators section also offers tips for preventing bullying at school.

Click here to access the Parents Portal.

Click here for the Bullying Prevention Hub.

~ Cynthia