There’s one Facebook Safety rule that millions of parents break every day. And that’s allowing kids under 13 to have a Facebook account.


Thirteen is the minimum age that a child is permitted to have an account on the popular social media platform. There’s no way for anyone under the age of 13 to have an account unless they lie about their age. What’s surprising is how many of these kids are doing it with their parents’ full knowledge and permission.

While the age of 13 may seem arbitrary to some, there are some real changes in our cognitive abilities around that age that can make kids a little less susceptible to predators and other online problems. But, kids still aren’t completely smart about what’s okay and what’s not. (Heck, many adults aren’t even there yet.)

If you let a 10-year-old on Facebook, it’s pretty close to dropping off a kid who has never left his hometown in the middle of metropolis all by himself. There are untold millions of people, some good and some bad. But you’re expecting a 10-year-old to be able to understand the difference. No matter how mature your kid is, she can wait three more years to join Facebook.

~ Cynthia