Welcome to Mt Everest in 3D where you can experience the rugged climb virtually. I recommend using Firefox to browse this site, because when you get to the summit you’ll need Adobe Flash to look around and Chrome no longer supports it.

When you arrive at the page, you  have two options for navigation. You can click the blue Start the Climb button, or click on the hamburger menu (the button with three lines) at the top right of the page and it will open a navigation menu with options to Learn More, Watch Episodes, and start Mt Everest in 3D.

I went with the Start the Climb option on my visit. You’ll be automatically taken to the first stop on the journey, but you can use the timeline at the bottom or left side of the page to jump forward or backward in the trip.  At the first stop, you’ll learn about an ice avalanche that happened while preparations for the climbing season were taking place, then you’ll head on up to the summit where you can take a look around.

If choose to use the hamburger menu to get started, you’ll be able to Learn More about Mt Everest rescue missions, and watch episodes from Discover Go.

This site offers an interesting way to check out Mt Everest from the safety of your home! Go check it out for yourself today!