Welcome to Timelapse: Landsat Satellite where you can watch the world change over three decades of collected satellite images.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll get a preview of what this looks like as part of the introduction to the site, and then a location menu will load offering you the opportunity to look at Las Vegas, Dubai, Shanghai, the Oil Sands, Mendenhall Glacier, Wyoming Coal, Columbia Glacier, Lake Urmia, and a search field that will let you look for other locations.

I started with the search option and looked up my hometown, Lorain, Ohio, to see how granular the search could be. I was impressed when it was able to show me a timelapse from 1984 to 2016. I recommend checking out where you live!

After that I looked at each of the locations that they offered on menu to see how the world had changed. It’s fascinating to watch cities sprawl and eye opening to watch lakes dry up. While you’re watching a timelapse, not that you can change the speed that it plays at in the bottom left corner. ¬†They are set to fast by default. You can also pause the timelapse in the same area.

Beneath the timelapse interface, you’ll find a series of essays about time, space, resources, urban sprawl, and more.

This is an interesting way to look at the world around us and how the humans have changed the landscapes around us over the last three decades.

Go check it out today!