A reader wants to know if her movie collection has more than sentimental value. “I’m looking at a collection of approx. 1000 VHS movie titles that my grandfather and mother had copied over the years, A lot of Errol Flynn and John Wayne movies as well as titles from the 70s and 80s. To me they are valuable, but this may be just a sentimental stance. I’ve watched them in my working player over the years and seeing that I’m not interested in today’s tv shows movies and remakesI’minclined to keep them. Would anything like this be of value to anyone else or should I consider chucking it?”


Nearly all of these theatrical titles are probably available on DVD (probably in a multi-movie collection) or through streaming. And since you say that your grandfather and mother copied them, the quality probably isn’t very good. If they were purchased VHS tapes from the store that still played pretty well, you might be able to find someone willing to pay a dollar or two each for them. If they were recorded on home tape by your folks, it’s actually illegal to sell them.

If they are taking up room, I’d chuck them. Maybe keep a couple as a reminder. But you can likely find much better copies of the movie available at very reasonable prices.

~ Cynthia