Storage space on your Android phone is at a premium. Face it, your smartphone is the hub of so much of your daily activity. Yesterday, in part 1 of our 3 part series, we looked at five ways to save space. Today we’ll check out three more ways you can optimize storage space on your phone.

Delete unnecessary photos from your phone

We love to take photographs from our smartphone cameras. We’ll click away and sometimes just let the images (even blurry, bad shots that we don’t need) just sit there forever.  Then your storage space starts disappearing. If you have a 12 megapixel camera – your photos are huge.  Transfer important photos to backup storage and then delete the blurry pics, the duplicates, and that picture you accidentally took of the floor.


Set your microSD card as the default storage

Set the default storage location of captured images to external storage i.e. your microSD card. You can change this in the Camera app settings or directly change your default storage drive if supported by your phone.

Backup to the cloud

You can save your pictures, videos, documents, and all your digital content in cloud storage apps like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc… These apps offer an Auto-Upload feature which means that they will upload pictures and videos instantly as soon they are shot. Not only do you save space, but your pictures and other valuable documents are saved in a safe place in case your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged. A soon as you have another device, you can just log onto your account and access them. You’ll also be able to get to your photos and documents from other devices like your PC or tablet.

Tomorrow, in the final part of this special series, we’ll look at three more ways to free up space on your phone.

~ S. Sakhar