If you need to boost your productivity or stay relaxed, look no further than Noisli. Noisli is a web app that can produce ambient sounds which can help you concentrate better or relax. In this tutorial, you will be guided from producing your own background noise to creating a Noisli account, which would be useful if you want to save your sounds to listen to in the future.

You can use Noisli with the browser of your choice and it’s also available for iPhones, Android devices and in the Chrome Web Store. For this article, we’ll use a browser.

Start by opening your browser and heading to noisli.com. You’ll be greeted by this home screen.


You will see three buttons, “Random”, “Productivity” and “Relax.” These buttons will help you produce a random combination of ambient sounds. Here, we are going to choose “Productivity,” but you can choose whichever you want, depending on what kind of sounds you want to listen to.


If you prefer, you can make your own combinations. To choose a sound, just click on its icon.


You can also adjust its volume.


Activate multiple sounds to create your own special mix.


Saving your custom-made sounds

It would be a pain if you had to mix your favorite sounds together every single time you get on the site. By creating an account, you will be able to save your combinations.

On the top-left side of the screen, click “Sign up.”


You can sign up with a Facebook or Google account, but in this tutorial, we will be signing up with an email address. Type in your email address and a password that you will remember. Afterward, click “Sign up, it’s Free.”


A message will come up saying that a verification email has been sent to your email address. Click “Ok.” Go to your email, open the email from Noisli, and click on the verification link it contains.


Then go back to the Noisli site and log in.

To create your custom mix of sounds, just click the “Save” button and give your mix a name. For our demo, we’ll call it “My Favorite.”


When you want to play it, just click the star icon at the top left of the page.


Choose your combination.


~ Johnatan Fallen