A reader wants to know how to get rid of a Facebook faker. “I have an “old” Facebook account. I got hacked and someone tried to make another account on me but, they never finished it. I have contacted Facebook and they have given me instructions on how to delete this account but, their instructions won’t work because the account was never finished. What do I do to get rid of this bogus account and be able to resume using my “old” account? Please, Steve and Team, tell me something, give me a tip.”

It sounds like this person finished creating the account. But you don’t have the password or contact information to delete it. In this case, you should report the account to Facebook as a fraud account.  Go to the faker’s Facebook page and click the icon with the three dots.


Choose Report from the drop-down menu.


Then select Report this account.


You can then select why you want to block the account. Either the person is impersonating you or someone you know or perhaps they’re using the name of a character or business that you have the rights to.


After Facebook investigates, they’ll remove the person if they determine the account to be a fake one.

~ Cynthia