There are several reasons why one would want to learn a new language. Whether it is for fun or for professional reasons, many tools and applications exist on the internet that make learning a language a whole lot easier – Memrise being one of them. Perfect for building your vocabulary, Memrise teaches you new words and common phrases from the language of your choice. It is also very flexible, allowing you to use it however often you want. Whether you want to learn only 10 words a day or as many as 30, Memrise will make sure that you are on your way to mastering your chosen language.

This tutorial will show you how to create a Memrise account and get started learning your first words.

Open the web browser of your choice and go to In this tutorial, Google Chrome will be used.  You will be greeted by the site’s homepage. Click on “Sign Up” on the navigation bar to create an account.


You will see a box where you can type in all of your details. You have the choice to log in with your Google or Facebook account. However, in this tutorial, we will be using an e-mail to complete the registration process. Add your username and email address. Then pick a password and click the terms of use box.


Add your username and email address. Then pick a password, tick the terms of use box, and choose Sign up.


You will be given a choice of languages. If the language of your choice is there, click on it. Otherwise, at the bottom of the box you will see a button saying “Browse all languages and other topics.” You can click that if you would like to learn a language that is not listed in that box. In this tutorial, we will choose to learn Portuguese.

There are several levels that you can pick from. If this is your first time learning the language, it is a good idea to start from the beginning. In that case, click on the image in the “Beginner” section.


The lesson will begin and you’ll be taught a series of words and phrases.


After learning words and phrases there will be sections where you will be quizzed. The type of questions range from multiple choice to short answers. The screenshot captured above is a multiple choice question. In this case, click on the correct answer.


Once you are done with the lesson you will be taken to a screen showing your progress. Instead of clicking on the “Next” button, follow the next step first.


At the top-right of the site, click on the “X” button.


You will be asked to set a daily goal. If you decide not to set one, you can click on the “Turn off” button at the bottom of the box. In this tutorial, we will choose “5 mins a day.” Once you click on a choice, the box will fade away on its own.


Tomorrow, in part 2 of this article, we’ll learn more about Memrise.

~ Johnatan Fallen