Early Work Revealed!

I came across a copy of an old edition of Scioto Images from the 1980s. This was a magazine featuring young writers and artists in Scioto County Ohio back when I was growing up.
I think that when you read my poem, my future path as a mystery writer is clear.
I feel like I’d recently watched “And Then There Were None,” but I’m not positive. Nowadays this would have earned me a visit from the SWAT team and a psychiatric hold.
Here’s a poem by my former classmate Holly Harold. This one makes a future path pretty clear as well. You can click here to read Holly’s IMDB credits. She’s worked on some of my favorite shows.
Finally, my friend Suzie’s short story.
In this case, it offers zero insight into her future.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Singing Sub…
Dream big, kids.

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