Microsoft Offers XP Patch For WannaCrypt Ransomware

Despite the fact that Microsoft stopped security support for XP over 3 years ago, the company stepped up to push out updates to out-of-date operating systems, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP embedded. These patches don’t cover every security issue that could affect these servers, however, they will protect from the WannaCrpt ransomware that paralyzed the National Health Service in the UK and many other agencies across the globe. You can download the patch by clicking here.


As I’ve warned you about for years, hackers were able to take a Microsoft security patch issued in March and reverse-engineer it to find the flaw and attack unsupported systems and those that hadn’t had recent security updates. Many experts have criticized Microsoft for issuing the patch, saying that the company should let those who failed to upgrade or update and who ignored warnings to keep these systems offline suffer the consequences.

Echo Adds Hands-Free Calling

The Echo smartphone speaker now offers free hands-free calling and text messaging. Users can simply say, “Alexa call…” to the device and it can call anyone in your address book who has an Amazon echo or who has downloaded the free Alexa App for their phone.


The device will also alert you if a friend is calling by saying, “Bob (or whoever is calling) would like to talk.”  Alexa will also take messages for you if you miss a call.

Meet The Smart Salt Shaker

It’s the one smart home appliance everyone’s been begging for… or maybe not. But the developers of the Smalt smart salt shakers are hoping the world is ready for a Bluetooth salt shaker that also plays music and can control color changing lights in your room.  There’s also a serious side to Smalt.


According to the developers “With SMALT™ for the very first time consumers will have the ability to measure, track and control their daily salt consumption with just the press of a button.”

No word yet on the cost of the shaker.

~ Cynthia