We got this note from Patricia: “I was recently forced to abandon my beloved, ancient Grandpa XP for Windows 10. I was surprised at the number of legacy programs and peripherals that can be made to run (even some written for DOS in the Win3 era). I was also surprised that, for nearly every type of file, there is a converter. Search for “convert .xyz” or whatever is your file type. Someone wants your business!! I have some old programs that are running, but I will need to make an orderly transition out of them because they have become abandonware. This will not be nearly as difficult as my first nightmares indicated.”


You’ve got a great attitude, Patricia. And attitude is one of the keys to any transition in life. Technology is going to change. Perhaps they should update that old saying to “Nothing is sure in life but death, taxes, and operating system upgrades.”

That’s a great bit of advice about searching for a converter program.  You can often find just what you need in seconds.

~ Cynthia