Jacob writes to us from Sweden with an upgrade problem:  “I tried to upgrade my computer and received problem that computer memory is not enough. I need your help to guide me if you any connecting device which increase the memory of a computer. Please guide me and I will buy.”

Jacob, I think you’re confusing memory and hard drive space.  When doing an upgrade to a newer operating system, you have to consider both hard drive space (how much room you have for files and programs) and memory (basically how much brain power your PC has.)

An external device that you plug in won’t help you in either of these situations. Your PC needs however much free drive space the new OS requires. You could move some files from your PC to an external drive and then delete them from your PC to make room to install the new operating system.

Memory can only be increased by adding RAM. Here’s what the card for that looks like:


And you can only do it if you have space to add RAM in your device. Here’s a look inside a desktop PC.


Not every PC will allow you to add RAM. And unless you are pretty technically confident, I wouldn’t try this at home. A reliable computer tech should be able to tell you if this is possible for your device.

~ Cynthia