Flashcards are a great way to learn. Kids enjoy playing with them, and when learning feels like a game it’s more fun to learn.

It’s not difficult to create flash cards to help yourself learn or for the kids in your life.¬† The easiest way is to take a sheet of paper, write several words on it and cut the sheet into the cards. Or you could use a program like Microsoft Office. But these aren’t always the best-looking flash cards.


Using an online tool can give you a professional look. Let’s check out some options.


This is a new web app, which lets you create one-sided text or image+text flashcards. The individual cards are combined into a set and saved as PDF.

The whole process is quite fast:

Title your new flashcard set, choose the number of cards per list and type.


If you chose text flashcards, just add the words to the cards. If you selected image+text type, you need to upload images into each card. The pictures should be vertically oriented, otherwise, they will be squeezed.


You can’t use any special characters and it won’t work with Cyrillic letters.

You may create up to 5 lists within one flashcard set. To add a new list, click “Add another list”.

Once everything is ready, click “Save as PDF”, then “Free download” and get the file with your flashcards. The website also offers premade flashcards on subjects like body parts, food, toys, flags, and more.



  • the app is free & fast
  • doesn’t require signup or plugins
  • ¬†creates flashcards with images
  • outputs to downloadable & printable PDF files.



  • has 5 list limitation;
  • no preview
  • one-sided cards.

Tomorrow, in part 2 of this article, we’ll check out two more great apps for making free flash cards.

~ Elena