Flashcards are a great way to learn whether you’re young or old. Yesterday we told you about a great site that lets you create them for free. But it’s not our only free option. Today, we check out two more free ways to have flashcard fun.



On Quizlet, you can make your own flashcards or borrow already created and shared sets of flashcards. With access to millions of such sets, students can practice just about any topic. Quizlet lets you study flashcards in five different ways, including playing a couple of games.

The process of creating flashcards creation is quick:

You’ll need to sign up or login with your Google or Facebook account. You’ll be offered a chance to sign up for the paid version, but you can continue on to the free version to give it a try.

Set a name for your set and start adding the content. You’ll need to choose a language first.  The app lets create two-sided cards, but they are not downloadable. You may add a term on the one side and its description or image on another side.


Add as many cards as you need. Once you are ready, click “Create.”


Select what you want to do with the cards: just view them, learn, write the terms or pass the test. You can easily access your cards and add new elements.


  • a lot of learning activities
  • no limitations on cards quantity
  • a huge base of ready flashcards
  • create two-sided cards with images
  • own database of images.


  • no ability to download the cards
  • advertising inside;
  • requires logging in


This is another simple tool to create flashcards online. It is a good option for making vocabulary flashcards  You can’t create two-sided flashcards, but the developers suggest folding the sheet of paper they’re printed on for the same effect.

Enter the front and the back side of your flashcards. To add more cards, click the “More” button.


For advanced text editing of large numbers of cards, use the “Import” button and copy the contents of your cards, separating the items with a delimiter. You can add an image by pasting the URL of it into the cell (note that this should be the only content what you add to that cell).

Press the “PDF” button to preview and download a printable version of your flashcard set.


  • outputs to PDF;
  • has a preview tool;
  • no quantity limitations.


  • hard to add images;
  • outdated interface.

Now that you have the tools for creating flashcards at your disposal, your options are pretty much unlimited! Have fun.

~ Elena