Nearly every day I hear from readers about their favorite mobiles games. You hate those pop-ups. And you don’t like spending money on in-app purchases of tokens to keep on playing. But there are ways to get the tokens you need to continue playing the games without waiting for your supply to refresh and without spending money on in-app purchases. Let’s check out how it works in a game called  Dominations. The process may vary depending on which game you are playing.

For Dominions, tap the store icon.


In this game, you need crowns to keep playing. But instead of paying to purchase crowns, we’re going to tap the Offers icon.


You can earn extra crowns by watching advertisements.

But it might be a lot more fun to earn your tokens by trying out a new game. You can earn quite a lot of tokens to continue your gameplay. Normally, you have to reach a certain level or complete a particular mission to earn the points.

Check out the store for your favorite game. You might find the option of trying out a new game to earn tokens to continue playing a favorite one.

~ Cynthia