iOS 11 is on the way this fall. Apple says users can expect some big changes including more smarthome uses,  a complete redesign on of the apps tore and the larges update or an iPad that the company has ever done. iPads will also be getting a file manager system.


The company also says that Siri will be getting a more normal sounding voice and start using your Safari searches to make suggestions and also to correct your spelling.

But, as with all change, somethings are bound to get left behind. In this case, it’s these devices:

  • iPad 4
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C

You could still use them, just not with the new OS. And if you can’t upgrade to the newest OS, you’re going to soon see the end of security and bug support for these systems.

You’ll need at least an iPad Air or and iPHone5S to use iOS 11. Remember, support for 32-bit apps is ending soon as well. Thousands of apps won’t work with iOS 11.

There’s also a new operating system on the way for Macs called macOS High Sierra. The god news is that if you’re running macOS Sierra, you can run High Sierra.

Mac Pros, Mac minis, Macbook Airs, and MacBook Pros from 2010 or later can handle High Sierra, as can Macoobks, iMacs, and iMac Pros made in late 2009 or later.

~ Cynthia