Welcome to the Hidden Patterns of the Civil War! This site takes an integrated look at the history surrounding the Civil War by showcasing Digital Humanities projects.

When you arrive on the site, you’ll find the content divided into two sections Text and Maps. Under the Text section, you’ll find navigation to history projects that deal with text from the Civil War. This includes newspapers and text mapping projects. Under the Maps section, you’ll find a collection of visual maps (as opposed to text) on a variety of related topics.

I always check out maps first, so I would definitely start there. Each project looks at either emancipation, slavery, or voting.

Each project has an image and a brief text explanation beneath it to help you select the one you want to look at. Once you’ve picked a project, you can find all the details about that specific project on its page. Most have their own introduction, directions for use, and about page.

This is a really neat way to explore the history surrounding the Civil War. Go check it out for yourself today!