Is Amazon Prime worth the money? I got asked that question about every week back when I worked for WorldStart. Back then, I really couldn’t answer it. Amazon was our biggest competitor, able to offer lower prices, faster shipping, and free shipping to Prime subscribers. My bosses really didn’t want me to encourage anyone to sign up for free shipping elsewhere.  But now, since I”m not selling anything but information exclusive to this site, I can tell you what I really think of Amazon Prime.  I’ve been using the service for 6 years now.

Amazon Prime costs $99 per year or $10 per month.  You can start a free 30-day before deciding to purchase. But remember to cancel it at the end of the 30 days if you don’t want the product. Otherwise, you’ll be billed for the year.

So what do you get for your $99?

One of the big selling points in unlimited free 2-day shipping.  Since I buy a lot from Amazon, I can make up the $99 in one Christmas shopping season. Not only can you have packages shipped to your home address, but also to friends and family.  I will caution you that not all products are available for Prime shipping, though in my experience, probably about 95% of what I want to purchase is.  Amazon normally offers free shipping on orders over $25, so this allows you to make smaller orders without paying shipping charges. I’ve found that this encourages me to make more frequent, smaller orders. If I need a $7 yoga strap, or an $8 flash drive, I can just order and have it here in a couple of days.

In some cities, you’re also eligible for one and two-hour delivery from Amazon and local participating stores. I’ve found Amazon’s shipping and return policies to be fantastic. In fact, they are so good the company actually loses a billion dollars a year on shipping. Of course, they make that up on sales and digital.

Another benefit is Amazon Prime Video which offers thousands of TV shows and movies on demand. You can watch on Smart TV or a tv connected to a streaming box, stick, or game console. You can also view on any computer, tablet or smartphone using the Amazon Video app.  You could also purchase a Fire TV stick or box to watch on any TV with an HDMI port to plug it into.

Amazon Prime Music allows you to stream over 2 million songs and thousands of playlists and “stations” created to suit your taste. You can stream either on your Kindle Fire, via a browser, or by adding the Amazon Music app to your smartphone or tablet.

Amazon Prime Reading gives you access to a selection of thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers from your Kindle Fire or through the Kindle app on tablets, phone, or computers.  Don’t confuse this with Kindle Unlimited, which is a separate subscription offering a much larger unlimited selection of books.

Prime members can download one free eBook monthly from a selection of 6 Kindle First offerings.

Prime members can also download the Audible app and listen to selected channels of audio books, documentaries, exercise, meditation, and more. Don’t confuse this with an Audible subscription which has a separate fee and offers unlimited monthly listening to audio books.

Gamers will enjoy Twitch Prime, which offers users of the social gaming platform discounts and exclusive content. You’ll also receive unlimited cloud storage for your photos.

Family members can share a prime account across multiple devices as long as they are all in the same household.

Prime Pantry offers delivery of everyday household and grocery items, but you do have to pay a $5.99 shipping fee or purchase a certain number of items. This can be very handy for having heavy items like cat litter or detergent delivered if you have issues carrying them or don’t happen to live close to a store.

So, is it worth the cost?  If you buy a lot on Amazon, the shipping alone makes up for it.  I purchase a lot of things from Amazon, that I just don’t feel like going across town to look for. Sometimes I get heavy things, like bookcases that have to be assembled, because that way the UPS guy brings it to my door and I don’t have to haul it to the car and then up my porch steps. I find the video and music offerings to also be worth the cost. I normally leave Amazon Prime Music on and playing on my Kindle Fire all day long. It’s my primary source of music.

I find the video and music offerings to also be worth the cost. I normally leave Amazon Prime Music on and playing on my Kindle Fire all day long. It’s my primary source of music.

I think the video selection is pretty good, though as with all streaming services, the programs available change, and right now there aren’t as many things I love available as there were in the past.

If you own an Amazon device like a Fire tablet or Fire TV, I definitely suggest a prime subscription. Your books, videos, music, and photos are integrated right into the homepage for the tablet or TV display screen.  Accessing and enjoying books, videos, and more couldn’t be easier. Not that it’s complicated on other devices, but you’ll probably have to download and install multiple free apps to access everything.

And they do try to upsell you to service like Kindle Unlimited (unlimited subscription reading of selected books), Audible (unlimited listening to audiobooks), Music Unlimited ( which offers more choice of newer and bigger-name music).  There are also ad-ons to Prime Video that allow you watch services like HBO.

My bottom line. If you buy a lot from Amazon or have a Fire Tablet or Fire TV, this is well worth the money.  If not, it depends on what you think of the content available for Prime Video and Music.

Now, if you don don’t pay $100 in shipping free in Amazon during the year, don’t order much online, don’t stream music or videos, and don’t read eBooks, this membership doesn’t really have anything to offer you.

If it sounds interesting, I’d suggest giving it a try for 30 days and seeing what you think. Click here to head to the Prime Page.  

Heads up, this site is an Amazon Affiliate, so if you decide to purchase Amazon Prime after clicking on the link, we will receive a few pennies on the deal. So, if you do decide to get it. Please get it from the link. If you try it for 30 days and don’t like it, make sure to cancel your subscription.

If you have any questions about my experience with Prime, please ask by commenting or emailing me at Also, I’m sure that Amazon customer service will be glad to help you as well.