From time to time, I’m going to tell you about some of my favorite things available online. This isn’t something I’m selling, but just something I love – my Knock Knock mouse pad.

It’s a handy list divided into the 5 days and it’s also a mouse pad!  Here’s mine at work. No, those are ancient Elvish runes. That’s my handwriting.

Knock Knock makes some great notepads for taking lists. I used this Knock Knock This Week Pad one for a year and loved it.


But I have a small desk, so I ended up with the notepad on one side of my keyboard and my house on the other.  Since I use my right hand on the mouse, I always needed to reach across the keyboard to use the notepad. But when I was re-ordering the notepad, I found this:  A notepad that also works as a mousepad.

The pad is a decent-sized 9.5 by 8 inches with a thick cardboard base and 60 sheets, so it’s good for a little more than a year.   You fill in the date and year, so it never goes out of date.

Because I like a wrist support, I actually ended up putting this on top of a mouse pad with a wrist rest. But I love the convenience of having my notepad and my mouse pad right next to each other. As you know, I work on the Internet, so I’m usually checking or making a list while looking at the computer screen.

The Knock Knock pad is available in office supply stores, and other places that carry notepads.  I found my mine on Amazon. You can check it out by clicking here.

This site is an Amazon affiliate, so if you click through from the links in this article and buys something, we do get a few pennies.  But buy it wherever you can find the best deal, preferably at a locally-owned retailer.

I’ve been using mine since January and it really is one of my favorite things.