Looking for a job? Google’s search engine’s new tool, Google for Jobs, take job searching to the next level. This tool optimizes searching engine listing from several sources (even job listing hubs like Monster and LinkedIn) and works well using desktop or mobile devices.

First just type in a general search at Google.com – this included visual shows “technical communicator jobs ohio”.


Google then displays a basic listing similar to what you normally see. Expand into the tool by clicking on one of the listings and you see the full version.


In the full version users get detailed information and a more customized experience with links to where they can directly apply for the job. Users can look to the top left bar for the filters “Title,” “Date posted,” “Type,” “City,” “Company type,” and “Employer”. Below that are related positions to try.

The left column listed the listing title, company, location, listing source, posted date and hourly requirement (e.g. full-time, part-time, etc.) while the main preview window displays the main position information.

Google For Jobs also helps with detailed filters like entry level versus management roles, the most recent listings, industry types, accessibility to public transit, required experience level, special responsibilities, reviews and ratings.

Users don’t even have to sign into Google, have a Google account or have your resume in Google Docs though these tools are helpful, especially when signing up for job alerts (see the lower left column of the full option screen) and completing related activities.

Google’s existing tools, performance indicators and other analytics resources are also helpful for job hunters and job posters. Happy job hunting!

~ Michael Siebenaler