Is Your Weather App Selling Your Info?

If you’re using the popular AccuWeather App to keep track of your forecast, it may have been tracking your location data even if you had that feature turned off.

AccuWeather was using a service called Reveal Mobile to track your location through Wifi, even if you had that feature turned off on your phone. This information is then used to target you for advertising.


After this was discovered by security researcher Will Strafach, AccuWeather and Reveal Mobile, said this data collection was caused by a “software misconfiguration” and that they would be pushing out an update that would allow users to opt out.

So, if privacy is a concern and you’re using the iPhone version of the Accuweather app, you’ll want to update it and make sure your location settings are turned off.

Go to Settings, then Privacy, and then Location Services on your phone.


Find the Accuweather app and switch it to either Never or While Using App.  The reason you might want while Using the App on is that if you want an accurate forecast, the phone will need to know where you are.



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