In response to my article about free alternatives to paying for Microsoft Office, (click here to read) a reader replied.:  “The “free” software is bound to be accompanied by limitations. I have no use for the Google stuff which is being used by so many of my co-workers. The software has no depth and doesn’t “play well with others.” Thanks to Frank and Ron in the above comments for noting the issues in the other “free” software. I would be interested in hearing about Open Office from happy (or disappointed) users.”


I’m actually not a big fan of Google Docs myself. It works, but I don’t like the interface. Some folks love it and don’t use anything else, though.  I don’t find Office online or WPS too limiting. ( I have to use WPS on my Kindle Fire since Office apps are not available.)

But I’d be interested to hear what everyone thinks about Open Office or any of the MS Office alternatives out there. Let us know in the comments and we’ll share your opinions in a future article.