If you have an Amazon Prime memberships, scammers are targeting you. If you purchase from Amazon, you know that they will often email you after a purchase suggesting that you review that item.

This scam sends an email saying that Amazon will give you a $50 bonus for reviewing purchases made on Amazon Prime day.


If you click on the link, you’ll be taken to a fake site that looks a lot like Amazon. It asks for your log-in information.

Crooks can use this site to steal your information and take over your Amazon account or to download ransomware onto your PC or phone.

As always, be very careful about clicking on links in emails. An offer of $50 to review a product you¬†purchased is definitely too good to be true. ¬†It’s always safer just to go to Amazon.com (or any website) to check your account than to click on a link in an email.