This sounds as if it should be the simplest thing in the world, but it actually does trip people up sometimes. I once accidentally removed the icon for the phone app from my home screen. I couldn’t figure out how to make a call.

YIKES!  You make a call on your device by tapping the icon for the phone app.  The icon will look like an old-fashioned phone receiver.

On an iPhone, it will look like this:

Pretty similar, right?  When you tap that icon, you’ll get a keypad.  Here’s what it looks like for Android.

Here’s an iPhone.

As you can see, pretty similar, even if there are differently-shaped keys.

You just tap the number you want to call on the keyboard.  It will display at the top at you type.

Just tap the phone icon to make the call.

Then your phone will place the call.  You’ll hear ringing and you might possibly hear some hold music until the call is either picked up or goes to voice mail.

Obviously, a smartphone doesn’t have an old-fashioned headset. The top of the phone serves as the earpiece with small speakers for hearing the call and the bottom of your phone will have a microphone for picking up what you have to say.


You also have the option of using an earpiece with a microphone.  There are wired earbuds that plug into your device or you can use a Bluetooth headset to take calls without bothering with wires.

I know you’ve probably seen folks walking around with headsets on seemingly talking to themselves. You might have even thought that it looks pretty silly. But they are pretty darn convenient.