It may be a good time to change your email password. Details for over 700 million accounts have been leaked by a Dutch spambot called Onliner. They opened up the information and allowed anyone visiting their server to download the information.

The breach was discovered by security expert Troy Hunt. The data includes email addresses and their passwords.  Included in this breach are credentials that would enable scammers to trick spam filters by making email messages appear to come from legitimate sources. So you need to be extra careful about things claiming to be from banks, government agencies, or websites that say they need information about your account.  Hunt showed this example of a fake email that appears to be about an account for a toll road pass.

Hunt called it the largest batch of data that’s ever been compromised and said the sheer size was “mind-boggling.”

It couldn’t hurt to change your password just to be safe, but you can check if your email address or user name has been compromised by going to and entering it. Click here to check.

It turns out that an email address I use is among the affected.

Yikes. Time to change that password.