The look and features of your phone will vary by model, but there are some common things you can expect to find on all phones. They might not be in the same place, but they’re there. Your phone will likely have a small guide with it pointing out where the buttons and camera lenses are. You can also have the tech at the phone store go over it all with you.

On the front of your phone, at the top of your screen, you’ll find the front-facing camera. This camera is used for taking selfies and for making video calls. You’ll also find the receiver for phone calls and usually also a microphone.  The location varies according to model.


Your device will probably have multiple microphones in order to pick good sound.

Your phone will also normally have some type of Home Button on the bottom. It may be a physical button on the phone or a place on the screen to tap to return to your home screen.


On the back of the phone, you’ll find the lens for the rear-facing camera. This is the lens normally used for taking photos or videos of everything but yourself. This lens will usually of higher quality than the front-facing camera. You’ll see the flash as well. This light can also be used as a flashlight. Some devices may have a fingerprint scanner located either here or on the front of the device.


Many Android phones also feature a slot for a microSD card to expand your storage. On this Galaxy phone, you can go as large at a 256GB card, but you’ll have to check the specifics for your model of phone. The location of the slot will depend on the model of phone.


iPhones do not have memory card slots.

Tomorrow, in part 2 of this article, we’ll learn more about your smartphone.