I heard from a reader concerned about the future of Yahoo! email service. She wrote:

“I would like to be able to discuss the changes ahead for Yahoo? It was sold and I understand that email service will not continue. I take this seriously so I have been slowly changing profile information on different subscriptions and places where I shop and putting in my Gmail address instead. Is there any tips on this being a smooth transition. I have things filed in folders in my yahoo. I know I will have to transfer anything I want to keep to Gmail. I would think Yahoo would send out official notices on the final time the email will end? I have had my email address in Yahoo since 2003!!! Thank you to anyone who might have some tips.”

The parent company of Yahoo did indeed sell off the email service portion of the company to Verizon. The parent company wanted to concentrate on their share of Chinese online retailer Alibaba.  But that certainly doesn’t mean the end of Yahoo Mail service. In fact, I’d say that the future of the email service is much brighter now that it’s been sold off. Here’s why:

Verizon paid nearly $5 billion for Yahoo’s email business.  You certainly don’t pay that kind of money for a service just to turn around and shut it down. Verizon also bought AOL back in 2015 for $4.4 billion. Spending $10 billion dollars on email companies isn’t something you do when you want to get out of the email business. It’s what you do when you want to raise your profile.


Will there be changes to Yahoo! or AOL mail services? My guess is that there probably will be as the company gears up to compete with Microsoft and Google. But you’ll likely see the addition of more services. But it’s a pretty sure bet that free email service will continue for all customers. And they certainly wouldn’t shut down your email without giving you notice. Your questions about transitioning to a different email service are good ones, though.  I’ll address them in a separate article.