Dangerous phone malware could cost you big bucks

We’ve got a warning about a dangerous Android Malware that could end up costing you a whole lot of money.


This malware is particularly tricky because it managed to sneak past the safeguards in the Google Play store and infect 50 apps!  It may have been download 4.2 million times according to the security experts at Check Point.

It’s called ExpensiveWall and the name can be accurate because it sends fake text messages and causes you to get charged for fake services. Check Point says they notified Google about the apps and Google removed them. But within a couple of days, it was back in the form of another app. These apps ranged from wallpapers to camera apps to games.

Not only can this malware run up fake charges, it can also spy on you by taking pictures or video and stealing data from your phone.

Below is a list of the apps. If you have any of these apps installed, you should delete them immediately and probably reset your phone to wipe out any traces they may have left behind. You’ll notice one of the apps is called File Manager. That doesn’t mean that every File Manager app out there is malware.  This one was first uploaded to the Google Play Store in December of 2016.  And you would have sought it out and downloaded it separately. The File Manager that came with your phone would not be affected.

Amazing Camera
Amazing Gamebox
Amazing Photo
Amazing Toolbox
Amazing Video
Art Camera
Beautiful Camera
Beautiful Video-Edit your Memory
Beauty Camera
Best Camera
BI File Manager
Cartoon Camera-stylish, clean
Charming Camera
Color Camera
Colorful Locker
Cool Desktop
Cool Wallpapers
Cream Camera
Cute Belle
Cute Puzzle
DD Player
DD Weather
DIY Your Screen
Easy Camera
Easy capture
Enjoy Wallpaper
Exciting Games
Fancy Camera
Fancy Camera
Fancy locker
Fascinating Camera
File Manager (uploaded 12/2016)
Fine Photo
Funny Camera
Funny Video
GG Player
Global Weather
I Love Fliter
Infinity safe
Joy Photo
Lattice Camera
Light Keyboard
Lock Now
Lock Now
Looking Camera
Love Camera
Love Fitness
Love locker
Love Photo
Lovely Wallpaper
Magic Camera
Magic Filter
Magical Horoscope
Memory Doctor
Music Player
Oneshot Beautify
Photo Power
Photo Warp
Pretty Camera
Pretty Pictures
Quick Charger
Real Star
Reborn Beauty
Replica Adventure
Safe locker
Safe Privacy
Sec Transfer
Shiny Camera
Simple Camera
Smart Keyboard
Smile Keyboard
Smiling Camera
Super locker
Super Wallpaper
Tide Camera
Tool Box Pro
Tool Box Pro
Tool Box Pro
Travel Camera
Universal Camera
Universal Camera
Up Camera
Useful Camera
useful cube
useful cube
Useful Desktop
Vitality Camera
Vitality Camera
Wallpapers HD
Wifi Booster
Wonder Camera
Wonderful Cam
Wonderful Games
X Wallpaper Pro
Yes Star
ดวง 12 ราศี Lite
ดวง 12 ราศี Lite

Check Point goes way more into detail about the issue here.

To look for these apps on your phone, go to Settings and scroll down to Apps. You may need to then tap App manager. (each Android device is a little different.)


Scroll down to look for the apps in question.  Tap on the questionable app.



Then choose Uninstall.  (This is just an example. There’s nothing wrong with Iheartradio.)




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