Barbara read our tip for determining the real origin of an email but noticed that it doesn’t work when she tried it on her device. She writes.

“This used to work on my Gmail account, but no longer does. No drop-down menu. Only the direction of the arrow changes. Any idea why? This is using my Kindle HDX 7 and the Silk Browser.”

Barbara, that’s because my instructions were for using a desktop browser. When you open the Silk browser on your HDX tablet, you’re using a mobile app.  If you were using a straight Android or Apple tablet, I’d suggest getting the Gmail app, but you don’t have that option with the Kindle HDX.  But there is a way you can find the info you seek.  I’ll show you how with screenshots from my HDX.  Go to Gmail and open the email that you’re curious about. Scroll down to the very bottom of the message. You’ll see options to view Gmail in Mobile, Older Version, and Desktop.  Choose Desktop.


You’ll be taken to a desktop version of the inbox.


Open the email message again.  You’ll see an option to Show original, just below the To:


This window will open.



Scroll down and you’ll find the necessary information to trace the origin.


I hope this helps.  On a side note, I have to say that I absolutely love Amazon Fires as tablets. There are some limitations, but I think the durability and ease of use more than make up for it.  You can read my review of the Amazon Fire by clicking here.