Help! TV won’t connect to router

A reader recently discovered that her smart TV isn’t so smart without its Internet connection.

“Cyn, am at my wits end here…my wired router (Belkin 533 cheap I know, but am on a budget) connection isn’t working on my Vizio t.v. and I can find no way to restart it. Can you help? If so, I’ll return w/particulars. I’ve unplugged & reset both modem & router to no avail. I’ve talked w/Belkin support in Tim-Buck-To w/no help… Thanks.”


One thought on “Help! TV won’t connect to router

  1. I had a similar problem. For reasons unk, the password in the TV went away. There was no warning to reset password. Clue: TV ‘sees’ the router, but is not connected. DGJ

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