The clock is ticking for Windows 7. Support for the system found on about 50% of Windows PCs ends in a little over two years.


On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will pull the plug on security and bug patches. That means it’s not safe to go online using a Windows 7 PC. (yes, even if you have third-party security support)   Microsoft offers support for operating systems for 10 years. Time’s up for Windows 10. Don’t expect them to extend support another two or three years like they did with Windows XP. That decision only seemed to cause the company a lot of headaches.

So where does that leave you and your perfectly good Windows 7 PC?  Check your PC to see if it can be upgraded to Windows 10.  Here’s a list of requirements from Microsoft:

Another option, if you like to play with tech, would be to convert your PC to a Linux system. Or run a dual-boot with Linux and use the Linux side for going online.
Remember, no matter what operating system you switch to, at some point they will stop supporting it. (Even Mac, even Linux.) So you always need to be prepared. It’s a great idea to have a tech fund, even if you can only put a few dollars a month into it. That way when your device breaks down or becomes obsolete, you’ll have some options.