Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura is a great website and also one of my favorite Facebook Pages to follow.

When you first arrive at the site, you’ll be offered the chance to subscribe to their newsletter. If you enjoy newsletters, I think you’ll enjoy finding theirs in your inbox, but you can always choose No Thanks.

Atlas Obscura features stories about history, geography, science, and nature. On the front page the day I wrote this article was a story about how early 20th century Chinatown in New York faked gunfights, opium dens, and other seedy action to attract tourists.

There were also articles about a mysterious vanishing comet, the Paris catacombs, how nature creates perfectly spherical boulders and a field of barley grown without human intervention. This is not a site where you keep up with Kardashians, but it’s not written in a dry academic fashion that only folks who know science jargon can understand.


At the top of the site, you’ll see a clear menu that will let you check out The Atlas, view Stories, or select Events or Trips.  Stories will take you to cool articles like the ones mentioned above.

Click The Atlas and you can pick a location or choose a random spot.


You’ll find travel tips and articles about unusual and interesting places to visit at that location.


Choose Events and learn about interesting happenings that you can attend or Trips to plan a vacation with a twist.

If you happen to have virtual reality goggles, you can even download immersive 3D videos.

I really enjoy following this site on Facebook. It’s fun seeing their interesting stories pop up in my feed every day.


To visit Atlas Obscura, click here:

To follow Atlas Obscura on Facebook, click here:


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