Equifax: Up to 2.5 million more affected

Equifax has upped the number of people potentially hit by their security breach from 143 million to 145.5 million.

The company they hired to investigate the breach completed an analysis and discovered millions more people’s Social Security numbers and other private information had been exposed to hackers. This isn’t the result of a new attack or breach, just several million people who weren’t counted the first time around.

On the bright side, the number of Canadians affected is actually lower than estimated. Initial estimates were 100,000, but that’s been dropped to 8,000.

Equifax is sending out notices to those additional folks who were hit by the breach.  Equifax has set up a site to assist those who are affected by the breach, though that site has been criticized for the way it’s handling the crisis.

Here’s a link to our story on navigating the site, if you want to check and see if you’re among those possibly affected.

Navigating Equifax’s Security Site


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