How to take a screenshot

A very common question about smartphones is “How do you take a screenshot?”  Lynda has some added difficulty. “I have a Galaxy J3 Samsung Model SM-J320V How do I take a screenshot? and may I do it one handed my left hand doesn’t work like everyone else’s hand.”

Lynda, I’m going to explain the standard way to grab a screenshot and then tell you about a better way for you to do it that doesn’t involve hands at all.

On your device, you press the home button and the power button at the same time to take the screenshot.

On my Galaxy S8, I press the volume-down button and the power button at the same time. On most Android phones, it’ll be one of those two options.

Power + Home

Power + Volume Down

But you should have a better option, Google Assistant.  Google assistant has been slowly rolled out to devices running Marshmallow or later.

Here’s what assistant looks like if it’s available on your phone. You’ll see that long Google search box with a microphone at the end of the bar.

If you don’t see Google Assistant, press and hold your home button. If it’s your first time using it, you’ll be walked through the set-up process. You’ll want to enable voice activation. That means, you can just say “Okay Google,” and your new assistant will pretty much do your bidding.

If you already have it installed and didn’t choose the voice control option, here’s how to do it. This is going to seem like a lot of work to avoid having to use your hands, but you only have to do this once.

Find the Google App on your phone and tap to open.

Then tap the 3-line-menu bar.

Choose Settings. 

Then Voice.

Enable OK Google. 

You’ll be able to do a variety of things by just saying “OK Google.” Like make a call, send a text, take a picture, or open a program. But you’ll also be able to say, “OK, Google. Take a screenshot.”  And you’ve got one without using your hands at all.


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