Windows 7 PC a slow starter? Try this tip

If your Windows 7 PC is taking a while to get started there could be several reasons. You could have some hardware issues or a bad disc. But, if you’re lucky, it could be something as simple as the programs that start when your PC starts.  There could be half a dozen or more programs that you aren’t even aware of starting when you turn on your PC.

Let’s take a look at how we can control which programs and processes launch with your PC.  First, click the start button. Type MSConfig in the search box. Then click on the result.


One way to test if programs and services are causing a slow start is to click the General tab and choose Diagnostic startup. Once you apply it, you can restart. If your PC starts faster, the issue is probably a program that opens on startup. To return to a regular startup, just follow the same steps and choose Normal or Selective startup. Then apply.


If we know that the programs launching at the start are slowing things down, how do we fix that? Click the Startup tab at the top of the System Configuration menu. You’ll see a list of program that can launch at startup. Programs with a check beside them will launch automatically. If you don’t want the program to launch, uncheck the box beside it. You may have to experiment by unchecking boxes and seeing what type of effect it has on your speed. Just click Apply to save the changes.


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