Would you let Amazon unlock your door?

Having packages delivered to your home is convenient, but if you’re not home, there’s a chance your items could be a target for thieves. Or even bad weather or your neighbor’s curious pet.

Amazon has a new service that gives couriers access to your house to make deliveries. I know you’re saying, “Why do I want to let a stranger into my house? Amazon not only thinks you’ll want it, they think you’ll be glad to pay $250 on top of your Prime Membership?  Let’s check out how it works.

First, you’ll need to buy the Amazon Key In-home kit. It comes with an indoor cloud cam and a smart lock.


This kit isn’t just designed for letting delivery people in your house. You can use the app to let friends, family, and other service people into your house. Your friend who is watering plants, your dog walker, a babysitter, or cleaning person.

You can choose to set up recurring or permanent access for family members or just one-time access for someone like a plumber.

Amazon includes lock installation with your purchase. It’s not available everywhere, you’ll have to check with Amazon.  I’m not sure your lock will be installed by a gorgeous model like Amazon shows in their photo. The lock can be installed over your existing deadbolt.


Once the lock is installed and service activated, you can choose in-home delivery at the Amazon checkout.  When the delivery person gets there, they can unlock your door and leave the package inside. You’ll be notified that they’re at the door and can even watch the delivery on your smartphone.


This service does not work with other cameras. Plus, if you have a home security system, you’ll need to turn it off. It’s also not recommended for pet owners whose animals have access to the door with the lock on it.

Amazon points out that the drivers don’t have access to your security codes. Amazon unlocks the door when the delivery person gets there.

This lock will also work with the cleaning and dog walking services Amazon is gradually rolling out.  You can learn more about the service by clicking here.

This obviously isn’t the first smart lock out there. There are other locks and apps that allow you to grant entry to friends, relatives, and service people. But tying it in with home delivery is a new twist.

What do you think? Would you be willing to give it a try?


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  1. If I could follow them with the camera on my phone and record it in the event something went wrong…like snooping, theft etc

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