Can I sync my documents to OneDrive?

Don read our article about syncing Excel files with OneDrive and had a question:

“I received your Tech Tips in which you give a way to sync Excel to one drive so all goes to both one drive and computer at the same time, and I wondered if the same is true with Open Office by Apache? I use Open Office almost exclusively as I simply cannot afford Excel.”

Don, this will work for any document on your Windows PC, no matter what program you created it with.  Let’s check out how to sync the documents on your PC to OneDrive in Windows 7.  Open File Explorer then lick on OneDrive. If you don’t already have a file called Documents, you’ll want to create one.


Then choose My Documents.  If you only see Documents, click the arrow beneath Documents to expand.



Choose Properties from the drop-down menu.


Choose the Location tab from the Properties menu.  Then choose Move.


The Select a Destination dialog box will open.


In the left panel, choose OneDrive and then the OneDrive Documents Folder.


Then click Select. The destination will appear in your location windows. Click Apply.




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