Firewall error with Kaspersky

Sharon is one of many people experiencing this problem:  “I would like to know why I get a message, every time I turn my computer on, that the Fire Wall and Kaspersky are both turned off. Then I have to click on the box and give permission to open Kaspersky. This just started within the last week and I’ve never had it happen before. Was there an update that messed things up? Please help.”


If it makes you feel better, you are not alone. A lot of people have complained about this same issue.

Kaspersky supports says the solution is to uninstall Kaspersky Then go to Windows settings and turning Defender off.  Then you need to reinstall Kaspersky. After the installation, restart your PC.

This may be related to the Windows Creators update. I’m guessing Kaspersky is probably working on a solution right now.


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