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A reader wants to know if you can change the content of Yahoo’s news page.   “I use Yahoo Mail, it is maybe the best out there. I would like to know if there is a way I can stop certain subjects which don’t interest me from appearing on their news page, such as celebrities. At one time Yahoo offered a means of deleting unwanted news items and the user’s PC would then learn what to avoid. But that feature is long gone. Any suggestions?”

First, you certainly aren’t only one complaining about the content of Yahoo’s news offerings. You can change the content of, the main page for Yahoo News, but if you go to and log into your Yahoo account, you’ll find a page that is still customizable. I honestly hadn’t visited this personalized page in years, but my old preferences for content were still all there.  Though some of the sections hadn’t been updated in a long time, some had fairly recent updates. It doesn’t look to me as if Yahoo is paying much attention to this service, but it still seems to work.


At the top right, you’ll see options to Add Content, Choose Themes, and Edit Layout.


Choose Content and you can pick what displays.


Themes allows you to change the look.


Layout will adjust type size and column layout.


I have to say, that even after I made the adjustments, I wasn’t too impressed with the quality of the news content offered. It was heavy on click-bait material.


Perhaps now that Yahoo and AOL have been acquired by Verizon, they’ll come up with an improved web portal experience for Yahoo users.


2 thoughts on “Customize Yahoo News

  1. the “add content” info does not show up
    what is problem? or how can I fix it or can it be fixed?

  2. just delete Yahoo! from all your stuff.. they suck balls.. their news feed is horse shit and dishonest, they let any scammer use their feed, they use sensationalistic headlines to get their idiot journalists,, clicks, when you click on.. ie….” ru paul says this nasty shit about. so and so,,” .. then you end up with a story that has nothing to do with the headline….” every time.. its dishonest and should be a crime..

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