Unlock your phone with Smart Lock

Google Smart Lock is a great feature found on many Android phones that allows you multiple hands-free ways to unlock your phone, including your voice. Here’s how to use it. First, go to Settings on your phone.vScroll down to Lock Screen and Security and tap.


You’ll need to have your lock screen type set to Password.  Then tap Smart Lock.


You’ll have several options.


Choose On-body detection and once you unlock your phone, it will stay unlocked as long as you stay in motion.


Trusted places will unlock your phone whenever you’re at a particular location, like home. Here I can just choose the location of my home. My phone will remain unlocked whenever I’m here.


You can add additional locations as well. Trusted devices will keep your phone unlocked when it’s near particular Bluetooth-capable devices like your PC, tablet, or speaker.


Finally, Trusted voice lets you unlock your phone with your voice.


This is considered a less secure feature because someone could use a recording of your voice. After one failed attempt, you have to unlock your phone using another method. Once you activate and restart, you can unlock your phone by saying, “OK, Google.”





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