How do I sync Excel to OneDrive?

Wayne has a question about using Excel with Microsoft’s OneDive cloud service.

“How do you mirror Excel to save on the cloud and my pc at the same time as you said you do. I run Office 365 with Windows 10. I save to my PC then to the cloud as a separate operation.”

Wayne, it’s super-simple in Windows 10, since OneDrive is integrated right into file explorer. First, let’s open File Explorer, the file management app for Windows 10. Click the icon that looks like a file on your taskbar.


Then look for OneDrive with the rest of your folders in the left panel.


Right-click on OneDrive and select Choose which folders to sync from the drop-down menu.


You can choose to sync all of your Library folders or just choose select items. For example, you could create a special folder just for the Excel files you want to sync in both places. Make sure to click OK when you’re done.


Now, when you save to that OneDrive folder on your PC, you’ll also save to the cloud. If you’re planning on deleting a folder or document from the cloud, but still want to retain the file, make sure to move it to another folder on your device.

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