Private browsing that’s not-so-private

Tor browser is considered to be just about the most private way to surf the net. Privacy is the driving factor behind this browser. It uses a network of computers throughout the world to prevent any online spies or hackers from tracking you. These “relays” are run by volunteers who are dedicated to keeping the Internet a safe, private place. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and can even be installed on a USB drive so you’re secure no matter where you browse.


It’s more about privacy than security, it’s not going to protect you on malicious site. But it turns out that browsing on Tor might not be as private as the folks using it thought.

A bug called TorMoil has can leave your actual IP address exposed.  This bug can bypass Tor completely and send you to another remote server.

The bug affects only Mac and Linux systems.  You can click here to download the bug fix.

This is only a partial fix. You can read more about the vulnerability here.



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