Geezer Guff: for funny & feisty seniors

I came across this site not too long ago.  Geezer Guff is billed as the site for funny & feisty seniors. It’s not the fanciest site out there, but I kind of like that about it. It’s clearly someone’s labor of love, combining cartoons, funny videos, and jokes (funny) and blogs that address everything from the serious to the silly (feisty).

When you first get to, you’ll land on a home page featuring funny pictures and videos and interesting news stories relating to senior citizens. There’s a  listing of recent blog posts including an open letter to long-distance grandmas and a blog about the silver lining of macular degeneration.


You’ll find a lot of blogs written by seniors as well as a list of resources. I found some helpful guides to home safety for seniors and a list of great brain games to help keep you sharp.  There’s even a section devoted to scams.

There’s a lot going on here and I think the site could provide hours of entertainment, learning, and exploration. And don’t forget to like their Facebook page.

Click here to check it out:

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